54-year-old Prince of Love Song, Mao Ning, runs a business show to exchange money and tightly embraces wealthy women and beautiful women. He has attended the Spring Festival Gala 8 times, but has been arrested and imprisoned

Mao Ning, the “Four Heavenly Kings of the Mainland”, were once known as both the prince of China and love song prince in his mother’s generation.

In his youth, he was charming and refreshing with a youthful glow. Classify it as small fresh meat with proper texture.

Born in Shenyang in 1969, Mao Ning comes from an ordinary family. His parents are both musicians, and he has been inspired by music since his early years.

At first, Mao Ning’s interest was in athletics. He was chosen for a sports academy because of his height and well-developed limbs, and eventually became an accomplished footballer.

The coach observed that Mao Ning’s running speed was rapid and enduring, leading him to become a member of the Liaoning Provincial Athletics Team.

Mao Ning, who has a strong passion for music and participates in multiple school performances, may have been inspired by his parents. Although he has not undergone any vocal training, his voice is exceptional and innately beautiful.

In 1987, Mao Ning’s life took a positive turn when he entered the Liaoning Provincial Opera House with an interest in music.

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