The production team appeared at the Golden Rooster Award

The love fantasy film “Twinkle and Twinkle Stars” was re-enacted for the first time with Chen Xiaoming and Zhang Pan as directors, Qu Chuxiao and Zheng Jianling as actors, and Fu Jing and Jiang Yunlin as co-creators of the drama, after its completion.

Upon returning to the filming location in Xiamen, CP was visibly moved by the emotions and the presence of numerous stars, leading netizens to dream about the wedding scene.

The crew responsible for the movie “Twinkle and Twinkle Stars” were present at the entrance ceremony of the 36th China Film Golden Rooster Award on November 4. During the event, all the directors, co-producers, and actors, including Qu Chuxiao and Zhang Jianing, were in high spirits and full of life. They maintained their composure throughout the process, achieving the first offline activity of Wanxing CP. With a sweet smile, they cared for each other and sprinkled sugar sugar doe dollies, giving blister blisters, gift copilul

Cat’s Eye Exceeds 550000, and It Wants to See Fault Climbing and Qu Chu Xiao’S Introduction to Movies. The movie employs all of Lin Beixing keywords.

“Twinkle, Twinkle & Star” has been met with enthusiasm and anticipation from viewers across the entire website since its debut. Additionally, the Cat’s Eye site has attained an unprecedented success in gathering data for 37 days, while over 550000 viewers have made reservations to experience pure love on New Year’S Eve. On the day when the movie exceeded 520000 with a romantic number of “520000”, the film expressed gratitude and blessings to all those who clicked to watch it.

At the November 3 project promotion meeting of the 36th China Film Golden Rooster Award’s Cat’S Eye Film Special Session, directors Chen Xiaoming and Zhang Pan, along with their leading actor Qu Chuxiao, shared touching and entertaining behind-the-scenes stories. They were asked to use three words to describe a movie in detail, prompting Qu to blurt out “Lin Beixing, Lin BeiXing”, followed by the “star ism”, and finally completed the script.

“Twinkle, Twinkle & Star” is the movie directed by Chen Xiaoming and Zhang Pan, with Wang Feng as the chief producer and Wang Chen as his producer. It stars Qu Chuxiao and Zheng Jianling, and also includes Fu Jing and Jiang Yunlin. The film will be presented to the audience in the New Year’s Eve celebration.

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