The movie “Dunhuang Heroes” is scheduled to hit the big screen on December 22nd in the history of the Tang Dynasty

At the Golden Rooster Film Market on November 4th, “The Soul of Tang Never Dies, Return to Justice and Solitude” was announced as a themed press conference. The film was directed by Cao Dun, written by Ma Boyong, and produced and created by Zhang Miao. Additionally, they showcased the booking trailer and booking poster, which were both impressive visuals in their own right and displayed at large screens worldwide.

Official announcement: On December 22nd, the actors of Zhang Yu and Lv Liang gathered in Golden Rooster to reflect on the spirit of the Tang Dynasty’s war.

During the Golden Rooster press conference, Zhang Miao, the film producer and chief producer, unveiled a new poster and preview, and confirmed that the movie would be released nationwide on December 22nd. It has been some time since the final filming of the flick ended, but when I met the actors again, I immediately reminisced about those days when they were working together for “Dunhuang Heroes”. The passion for love and never extinguishing life is not only the idea of youth in Beijing’s mind-ex

A young man’s immortal legacy and white-haired soldier were the subjects of the “Guiyi Army” movie, which was first shown in theaters.

The Anshi Rebellion led to the invasion and occupation of Dunhuang, which was previously called “Shazhou” in ancient times. It was once cut off from the rest of Chang’an and had no communication with the city for more than 60 years. Lv Liang played Ren Baore in the announcement of “Tang Tu Dang Gui”, a press conference held simultaneously with this event, and the celebration marked the anniversary of Shazhou Toucheng Ji.

The Old Tang Army’s garrison is nowhere in sight, as evidenced by the strong winds and white snow. The two fixed posters released this time are vertical and horizontal, respectively depicting a battlefield that has remained unchanged for over 60 years. A panoramic view of the group shows the “Old Tang” Army still charging on the ruins of war. Strong actors such as Zhu Yawen portray the brave men who came to fight against the oppressive regime in the city.

To be of this stature and serve the country, there is no need to be born at Yumen Pass. Heroes who have spanned more than 60 years have come together to embark on a long journey home, nine deaths without regret. In addition to the appearance of these characters, two fixed posters are also full of details. The armor of the old Tang army, the nameless brand, all the fire torpedoes, and scattered barrels all signify the difficulty of their future, making them eagerly anticipatory.

Real Dunhuang Heroic Stories are examined by experts and scholars on site, examining their cultural roots and inheritance.

The city of Dunhuang, as a cultural pearl, has contributed significantly to Chinese civilization, not only with its murals and precious books, but also through its ability to document the spirit of the Chinese people. The story of Zhang Chaochao, which was engraved on the 156 caves in the Mogao Grottoes of Durban, serves as an opportunity for modern people to experience the enthusiasm that existed in China thousands of years ago.

During the after-press conference, Zhang Miao shared his original intention of filming “Dunhuang Heroes,” which was made by Japanese directors, and his belief that the Chinese culture and their heroic tendencies should be communicated to the world in China’s unique way.

Zhang Miao and his team of filmmakers have been promoting faith in the work, according to Rao Shuguang, president of the China Film Criticism Society.

According to Zhong Hao, a Dunhuang cultural researcher, this film promises to help people better understand and fall in love with the region.

According to Professor Yu Gengzhe, a professor at Shaanxi Normal University who has researched “Tang history,” the film’s choice to focus on an unpopular but highly worthwhile historical theme was incredibly courageous. He believed that returning home represented not only the spirit of the Tang people but also the shared values of humanity.

At the end of the press conference, Zhang Miao provided a concise summary: “We have not seen any sense of nostalgia in the southeast, northwest, and northwest. Our hearts are still with the people of Shazhou even as they worked tirelessly to achieve the Chinese Dream and bring about the great rejuvenation of our nation.”

The movie “Dunhuang Heroes,” which is the first commercial blockbuster of an ancient acrobatics film in China, uses historical figures from outside China to portray the legendary Dunhula heroes.

Dunhuang Heroes, the first live action film in the Beijing exciting “Lion Youth” series, continues to be a source of inspiration for Chinese self-improvement and national spirit.

“Dunhuang Heroes” is a movie directed by Cao Dun and written by Ma Boyong, with Zhang Miao as the producer and chief producer. The cast for the film includes Zhang Yu, Dou Xiaon, Lv Liang, Cai Lu, Zhao Yunzhup, Gong Lei, Yang Wei Wang, Gao Zhiting, Yu Ailei from Feng Shui Films, Zhang Yifan from Hangzhou, Zhush Jin from Shenping, Hu Jinxian during the opening shots,

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