Netizens say that RM and Karina’s latest dating rumor is the most ridiculous one yet

RM from BTS and Karina from aespa were linked to romantic rumors.

A post that trended on the Korean internet on November 6 hinted at the possibility of RM and Karina being in a relationship.

The rumor was brought to light by a netizen who mentioned Karina’s recent interest in the band Se So Neon and RM’S association with Hwang So Yoon, the lead vocalist of SeSo NeON.

A series of Instagram updates from Karina, who were the ones that triggered the latest dating speculations, were cited by those who followed the netizens. The posts featured the band Se So Neon, which RM is known to be a friend of Hwang So Yoon on the lead, and all the photos appeared in black and white format shared by RB and Knute respectively on their Instagram stories.

Despite its flaws, Korean netizens consider this dating rumor to be the most ridiculous. They express regret, stating that it was inappropriate and tied together two idols.

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