Melon’s Instant Hits: The Fastest Songs to Reach #1 on the Melon TOP100 Chart

The TOP100 Chart is a well-known and widely recognized music ranking in South Korea, managed by Melon.

Let’s take a look at the top five songs that reached the number one spot on the Melon TOP100 chart.

BTS – Yet To Come (1 Hour)

BTS’s “Yet To Come” made history by becoming the first song to reach the top of the Melon TOP100 chart within an hour of its release.

Ditto (2 hours) by NewJeans

“Ditto” by NewJeans reached the top of the Melon TOP100 in just two hours, marking it as the second quickest song to conquer the chart.

BE’O’s Counting Stars (2-hour set) is worth watching.

The Melon TOP100 chart has been topped by “Counting Stars,” a South Korean rapper featuring Beenzino, within two hours of being released.

Lim Young Woong – Do or Die (3 Hours)

The fourth fastest song to hit the top spot on Melon TOP100 is “Do or Die” by the popular South Korean soloist Lim Young Woong. It reached its apex in just three hours and features his captivating vocals and gripping storyline.

The audiobook “Seventeen: God of Music” is available for a four-hour viewing.

SEVENTEEN’s “God of Music” has become the fifth fastest song to hit the Melon TOP100 chart within four hours of its release. The band’ devoted fanbase and talented musicians have contributed to this achievement, making it a truly remarkable feat.

With their fan-base and relatable lyrics, these songs have quickly risen to number one on the Melon TOP100 chart.

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