“LALISA” by BLACKPINK’s LISA is the First Album by a K-Pop Soloist with two songs surpassing 400 Million Streams on Spotify

The record-breaking debut of Lisa in BLACKPINK marks a new chapter in her legendary career.

With her single “Lalisa” surpassing the 400 million-stream milestone on Spotify, Lisa has once again established herself on one of the world’s premier streaming services as a top K-Pop artist. Her track “Money” has already earned over billiards of streams, making her the only female solo artist to have two songs that have crossed such trophies in Spotify history.

Lisa from BLACKPINK has amassed 400 million streams on Spotify, as shown in pic.twitter.com/7jCl9flB3x.

Lisa’s track “LALISA” has been listened to by 400 million people on Spotify, as seen on pic.twitter.com/hD2fE0vbm2.

The Spotify album of “Lalisa” has accumulated over 400 million streams, making her the first K-Pop female soloist to have more than one song reach this milestone.

The track “LALISA” by Lisa has amassed over 400 million streams on Spotify, making her the K-Pop female soloist with the most songs to surpass 400M streams.

The K-pop female soloist’s ‘LALISA’ has achieved the most streams in Spotify history, with over 400 million downloads.

LISA’s “LALISA” album has achieved another impressive milestone, as both “Lalisa” and “Money” have surpassed 400 million streams on Spotify, breaking the record for the first and only K-pop solo artist to do so with two songs.

The K-Pop artist #LALISA by #LISa has achieved the feat of having 400 million Spotify songs, surpassing the previous record held by JungKook’s ‘Golden’ and Jimin’.

With over 400 million Spotify streams, LALISA is the only K-Pop solo artist to achieve more than 2,000 hits, surpassing the previous record set by JungKook and Jimin.

“The K-pop group’s debut album, “Lalisa,” has already achieved 1.1 billion streams on Spotify, making it the first of its kind to do so.

“LISA” by #BLACKPINK is the first K-pop artist to achieve over 1.4 billion Spotify streams, surpassing the previous record of just 5K.

LISA from BLACKPINK – congratulations!

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