K-netizens wonder why G-Dragon is being so heavily criticized by the Korean news

On November 6, G-Dragon, who was booked on suspicion of drug use, surrendered to the police at Nonhyeon Police Station in Incheon. He was interrogated for 4 hours and the preliminary drug test results were negative.

His appearance at the Police Station was followed by coverage on various Korean news stations.

On October 25, G-Dragon was booked under the Narcotics Control Act and has consistently denied drug charges, stating that he “never used drugs,” and cooperated with the police investigation and promised to provide all necessary materials.

G-Dragon greeted the press with confidence as he spoke to them about drug use, even casually changing his watch in front of the cameras. This nonchalant behavior was seen by some as an indication of arrogance and lack of regret, which received criticism from different sections of Korean culture due to his overzealous attitude.

The heavy criticism of G-Dragon by Korean news media has left many Korean netizens wondering why he is receiving so much attention. A number of people have responded with comments from fans who question whether there is still an apology being made or if the media is biased because the case does not match their imagined stories.

The Netizens expressed their dissatisfaction, stating that they are not responsible for G-Dragon’s actions.

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