Jessi reveals she almost gave up on her career and the unexpected turn to success after 10 years of struggle

Jessi revealed that she was close to giving up on her career after a decade of unsuccessful endeavors. However, something happened during her appearance on ‘Unpretty Rap Star’ last week which changed everything.

Jessi made an appearance on ‘The Psick Show’ on November 5, where she discussed her experiences in the Korean music industry and shared that she was contemplating leaving the industry for the States.

“She revealed that her decision to appear on ‘Unpretty Rap Star’ was made before she could leave, but the producers and directors had already suggested it.”

She stated that she disliked competing because my own success is not in line with others. However, she also believed that the show would be a disappointment and ultimately chose to proceed with her own best interests.

“The phrase ‘This is a competition!’ was the catalyst for my success, and it made me realize that timing was key.”

The defining moment that propelled Jessi to fame:

“I thought I was talented, but it’s not something that lasts forever,” Jessi shared, stating that after struggling for 10 years, she learned to be humble.

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