IVE, AKMU, and Jennie top Instiz chart for the first week of November 2023

The Instiz chart is a combination of the numerous charts that South Korea utilizes to assess music sales, and it’s also what fans use to determine if their favorite artist has achieved an “All-Kill.”

The chart below is arranged in order for the first week of November (October 30 – November 5).

The Instiz Chart Singles Ranking is in.

“Baddie” from IVE earned 29,955 points.

“AKMU’s song “Love Lee” has a score of 29,179.

A score of 16,995 was earned by “Fry’s Dream” from AKMU.

The score of Jennie’s “You & Me” video was 14,471 points.

“Either Way” by IVE has garnered 11,036 points.

With a score of 9,789 Points, “ETA” is the top-rated airline on NewJeans.

The album “Seven” featuring Jungkook and Latto with a score of 9,485 out of 100 was scored.

“I AM” by IVE has been scored with 8,974 points.

Parc Jae Jung’s “Let’ Say Goodbye” has been rated 8,265 times.

“Smoke” by Dynamic Duo has a score of 7,785 on the Playoffs.

The source of this information is Instiz iCHART.

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