EXCLUSIVE [INTERVIEW] “We want to see Villains from other countries whenever we have the opportunity,” Xdinary Heroes talk world tour, goals, & ‘Korea on Stage in London’

‘Livelock,’ the fourth and fifth EP from JYP Entertainment’s boy band Xdinary Heroes, will be available on October 11 KST, featuring the title track “Break the Brake” and additional B-sides such as “Freddy,” “PLUTO,” “Enemy,” “Bad Chemical,” then “Paranoid,” and finally “AGAIN? AGAIN!”.

According to the band’s exclusive interview, they have been continuously producing albums since their debut, resulting in more time spent contemplating their music and the quality of albums.

The upcoming joint concert in London, which will feature Xdinary Heroes as one of the star-studded acts, is also featuring ATEEZ, P1HARMONY, STAYC, JANNABI, Lee Young Ji, xikers, BOYNEXTDOOR, Yageum Yag, and Henry Moodie, with Gong Seung Yeon as its MC.

The Cultural Heritage Administration, KBS, and MyMusicTaste are hosting a celebration of UK-Korea relations on November 8th at the OVO Arena Wembley in London, which is named ‘Korean On Stage In London’.

Following their performance at the event, Xdinary Heroes will commence their ‘Break the Brake’ world tour in Europe with a total of 6 stops, including Paris, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, and Warsaw.

On this day, allkpop spoke with Xdinary Heroes about their live shows, tour, and possibly their London appearance at ‘Korea on Stage in London’. Read on for more information!

Allkpop, wish you all a happy 2023 birthday and good luck with your new album ‘Livelock’. Can you share any New Year’s resolutions that are only two months away?

Greetings and good luck with our comeback! It’s been a tough year for me, but it also brought about significant personal struggles. I learned valuable lessons from my past and now look forward to 2024 as I strive to build more strength and popularity among fans.

Jungsu experienced a significant period of growth and discussions during our first long-term hiatus. We discussed our shared concerns, aspirations, and future plans together. In 2024, we plan to expand our music reach and chart success further by reaching more listeners.

I must admit that 2023 has been the toughest year for me, but I believe that those difficulties have helped me develop as a person. My aim in 2024 is to become more cheerful and make me laugh!

O.de had a lot of activities this year, including two albums, fan meetings, and upcoming tours in Korea. I am optimistic that my next year’s album will make it to the Billboard charts.

Jun Han observed that there were slight modifications made in 2023, but they were a significant stride forward. They allowed for more relaxation and enjoyment of the music. He expressed optimism that 2024 would be opportune to enhance my musical technique and expressions further.

Jooyeon: I think 2023 was a fantastic year, where we connected with our fans through many performances and got to know them more than ever before. With only two months left, I want to make the most of the remaining time. Next year will be great, next year’s going to be funniest, on ‘the bigger stage’ Our idol Luke Hemmings would love us too!

Looking forward to your performance at ‘Korea on Stage in London’. What is the most exciting part? Will there be a special stage that you have been meticulously groomed for?

Wembley is the perfect venue for our rock band to perform, and we’ve created a special intro stage specifically for fans in London.

The excitement and nervousness I feel is comparable to my excitement for our first-ever trip to London. I’m most excited about the cheers and support from the crowd, and we’ve prepared a performance specifically for that stage, so be sure to tune in!

Gaon: The most anticipated moment for me is the chance to frolic with our fans in London, as we’ve created a stage that everyone can recognize and enjoy.

Wembley has always been a dream for O.de, and we are thrilled to be playing on this stage. It feels amazing to have the opportunity to connect with our Villains and London audiences.

Having traveled to different countries twice, Jun Han finds it exciting to witness the diverse audience’s reactions on stage, which makes him excited for London. They have also created something unique and unforgettable.

Jooyeon expressed our gratitude for being on stage with such talented performers. We crafted a song that would be universally recognized during the opening performance.

Considering that you’ve already performed at music festivals and festivals in South Korea, what sets you apart from other allkpop artists when it comes to performing in front of fans?

I find both stages to be enjoyable. When we perform in front of fans of other bands, we try to showcase our music to new audiences and generate more energy when performing for fans.

According to Jungsu, performing in front of fans who already know their music would increase the level of support and excitement. This would also make it more exciting for fans to sing along with us!

Gaon emphasizes the importance of introducing our music to the audience during festivals or other stages, while still giving fans an opportunity to enjoy their best performances with just Villans.

O.de: Both shows are precious and make me happy. The biggest difference is the level of tension. I feel more comfortable on stage with fans of different artists, but it’s much more relaxed when I’m performing in front of our Villains.

The audience and the Villains have a distinct energy balance, making it easier for them to communicate with each other. Jun Han believes this is particularly challenging for those who are fans of artists and prefer to stay connected.

Our fans can enjoy more songs with us because we only have a limited amount of time to perform, which is the best thing about it.

How do you feel about the upcoming allkpop show ‘Korea on Stage in London’ that will be held on November 8, and how does your ‘Break the Brake’ solo performance feel after just 5 days?

I can’t get enough of fish and chips, English breakfast tea, bagels…I also love photographing the streets in London!!

Jungsu desires to explore all the things one could possibly imagine in London, including its streets, and distinguish it from Korea.

Having never been to London, I am excited to be there. My first impressions of the city come from reading books as a child. I want to take pictures at the Big Ben clock tower and watch the King’s Guard march through the front door.

The fact that I’m going to Europe for the first time is exhilarating. I want to experience London’s culinary scene.

Jun Han has a strong liking for the song ‘Buckingham’ and is keen on seeing Buckingham Palace in person!

Jooyeon desires to stroll past the London Tower Bridge.

What are the usual activities you engage in before a live performance, and do you have any pre-show rituals or group exercises to help ease your nerves?

Before each stage, Gun-il performs a group chant that goes “Rock the!” before every music show.

Prior to performing on stage, Jungsu stretches his body to unwind and eases her nervousness. We also practice a chant that goes something different depending on the event or occasion, such as “Rock the!” [name of the music show]! Fighting!” Before we head upstage, we often use lighter-toned props to relax.

Gaon’s group chant includes phrases like “Rock the!” and “Fit!” to help them feel more inspired while performing on stage.

Before going on stage, O.de performers gather and chant “Rock the!!”

Jun Han suggests that yelling “Rock the!” before a music performance is beneficial.

Our group performs a variety show called ‘Rock the World’, which involves singing “Rock in!” depending on where they are set to play.

Can you describe your preparation process for performing live as a band in allkpop?

We practice with the ensemble and work on improving our rhythmic and melodic harmony. Additionally, we select songs to sing along with by ear before hand.

Jungsu emphasizes that the live performance is influenced by the original music, which can vary depending on the artist’s taste.

According to Gaon, band music is a laborious task that requires extensive research and experimentation. The sound of the instruments, their texture, and harmony are among the factors we consider, as well as the live vocals. We practice these songs extensively before performing them on stage.

o.de: I never thought there was any difference in this view.’ As a band, I felt it only made sense to prepare with practice.

The fact that we play different instruments at the same time makes it easier for us to rearrange or improvise during live performances, as stated by Jun Han.

Jooyeon: We brainstorm the song’s theme, chat about the mood, and while practicing, we decide on each performance.

Despite only showing Seoul and Europe as stops for you, will allkpop also be touring the US and Asia?

Despite the absence of an official plan, Gun-il is aware that many US and Asian Villains are eagerly anticipating their tour. We are also excited about traveling to the US as well as Asia in the near future!

We’re not making any official moves, but we are eager to meet Villains in other countries as quickly as possible. I want to experience the crowd and showcase our music there!

Gaon believes that Xdinary Heroes will be present on every continent, regardless of the location of Villains, and I am confident that our members will share this belief.

O.de is in the early stages of confirmation, but we are eager to explore other countries and experience many things.

The objective of Jun Han is to meet as many Villains as possible, even though there are no confirmed matches.

Whenever we get the chance, Jooyeon wants to see Villains from other countries!

If you’re going to attend ‘Korea on Stage in London’, make sure to drop a note to your fans before any of your other shows!

Hey everyone, we are thrilled to see you all perform at ‘Korea on Stage in London’. We hope that it will be a memorable day for both of us!

Jungsu is excited to return to London and share our exceptional music and personal growth with the world. See you in London!

We’re thrilled to welcome you all back in London, London Villains! We hope you enjoy our show and stay tuned for more music!

Greetings from O.de: Villains of London! I can’t wait to meet you all in person, we’re really excited to go on stage and share some energy!

Jun Han welcomes everyone who is joining us at ‘Korea on Stage in London’! We hope you are all excited to have a fantastic night out!

Greetings and many happy wishes from Jooyeon for being on stage for the first time in London!

On Twitter, XH_officialTik, and Facebook, there are multiple ways to connect with xdinaryheroes.

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