Bang Si Hyuk reveals when he first felt BTS’s popularity was extraordinary and the untold story behind the group’s rise to global fame

Bang Si Hyuk, the Chairman of HYBE, was invited as a guest on this week’s episode of “You Quiz on the Block” to discuss his contributions to BTS and how it started to gain popularity in the United States. He expressed pride in contributing to the group by acknowledging their talent and responsibility.

“There was one moment where you thought BTS was truly remarkable.” Bang Si Hyuk’s response to the question, “I saw them perform for a K-con opening in LA in 2014 and they were featured in the headline of their article?”

He went on to say, “They attributed my enthusiasm to past struggles and my managerial position within the company. As a result, I decided to step down from the job.” 2015 marked he most significant achievement for BTS with their album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.’ He knew immediately that we had to test the waters in the States, and urged people to do the same when the water was high.

After being denied a contract, Bang Si Hyuk and BTS decided to release ‘Fire.’ Their search results were impressive, and they believed that the band could achieve the same level of success as One Direction did during their prime.

According to Bang Si Hyuk, it would be inappropriate to attribute BTS production to destiny. He also mentioned that they used a strategy of using fame to prepare for their world tour after the “Fire” incident.

People in New York were eager to learn about BTS’ true identity, especially after the company had established a strong presence in South America and North America.

Bang Si Hyuk’s ability to predict BTS’ success and use it as a strategy was well-received by Korean netizens. However, netians also commended BTC members for their continued support.

According to them, the seven members’ positive character played a significant role in their decision not to sue the company for being popular in the US. They also refrained from using drugs like marijuana or fighting amongst themselves, and they avoided any conflicts of law and order.

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