Yi Nengjing’s son officially came out with a black see-through skirt and red high heels

Many wealthy second-generation celebrities have been spoiled, and young people lack the correct values. Many of these celebrities believe that this is a fashion statement and are uncertain if their choices are appropriate. This is similar to how men do not necessarily have to like women, while women cannot only like men.

In recent times, there have been new revelations about the affluent second generation and the accomplished second generations in the entertainment industry. One of them was the announcement of his son, Yi Nengjing, who publicly declared his “coming out”, which quickly became the subject of public discourse, and his mother’s response was also unclear.

The controversy surrounding this event is not confined to the entertainment industry, but has also garnered interest from various areas of society. Initially, this trend was only present in Thailand, now it is spreading like wildfire worldwide.

Wu Jingyi was the original name of Yi Nengjing, who changed her surname to follow her stepfather’s surnominator, Yi. This was due to her mother’ residing in Japan for many years after marrying a Japanese person.

After coming back to China, Yi Nengjing started her own entertainment career. She is a singer and actress, and she plays the charming Lu Xiaoman in “April Sky on Earth”.

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