The impressive filmography of the director of BTS Jungkook’s music video

The director of BTS Jungkook’s music video, whose impressive filmography, received significant attention.

A netizen who recently created an online community post titled “WOW. THIS IS THE FILMOGRAPHY OF THE DIRECTOR WHO SHOT JUNGKOOK’S MV” posted a collage of all the projects in her filmography. The post features dozens of pictures, including those by Director Tanu Muino, whose music videos have been directed by and feature music video content from internationally recognized artists such as Harry Styles, Cardi B, Post Malone, Lil Nas X, etc.

BTS Jungkook’s upcoming music video “StANDING Next To You” gained more excitement when Tanu Muino took over the project.

The Netizens were eagerly anticipating Jungkook’s MV, with comments like “it looks great”, “The filmography is fantastic,” “Couldn’t wait to see the colors!”, “Let’a just keep going”, and so on.

View Director Tanu Muino’s filmography by scrolling down!

On Nov 3, at 12AM ET, Jungkook’s “Standing Next To You” MV will be released.

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