The Exceptional Feat: Only Four Boy Groups to Reach #1 on Melon’s TOP100

The popularity and usage of Melon as a South Korean music streaming service is significant. Half of the chart’s measurement pertains to the past 24 hours, while the other half measures the previous hour.

Throughout history, female bands have been the most successful on the charts, with several acts having achieved numerous #1 hits. Let’s take a look at the few boy groups that have emerged and topped the Melon TOP100 chart.

The album BTS – My Universe & Yet To Come?

Two of the K-pop heavyweights, BTS’ “My Universe” and “Yet To Come” reached number one on the Melon TOP100, highlighting their joint efforts with Coldplay.

On the flip side, “Yet To Come” is a prime example of how BTS manages to create music that resonates with their fan base and can be emotionally charged.

BIGBANG – Still Life

After a four-year hiatus, BIGBANG, the K-pop boy band, made resurgence in 2022 by dropping their much-anticipated track “Still Life,” which easily proved to be one of the top songs on the Melon TOP100 chart, demonstrating their unwavering musical heritage and stardom.


“Candy,” a spinoff of H.O.T.’s song with the same name by NCT DREAM, became incredibly popular on the Melon Top100 chart and reached the top of the charts. The song’S infectious melody and high energy made it resoundingly popular across South Korea.

Seventeen’s God of Music is a musical icon.

“God of Music” has become a top-selling song on the Melon TOP100, thanks to Seventeen’s creative and technical brilliance in producing their unique blend of dance and music.

The Melon TOP100 chart has only seen four boy groups achieve the top spot, but there are several other groups that have been steadily advancing.

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