Ma Guoming and Tang Luowen have set their wedding date and will hold a small wedding at the end of the year. The man’s previous husband just got married

Several artists in the Hong Kong entertainment industry have recently opened up about their romantic relationships or married, with notable figures such as Tang Luowen receiving full blessings after her public announcement on November 2nd that she and her partner’s wedding date had been set for the end of the year.

Tang Luowen, who did not specify the specific date, stated that she and Ma Guoming will get married in December.

The wedding is not held in Hong Kong and the size is modest, so keep it low-key.

Despite media requests for more information, Tang Luowen refused to provide an answer. She also expressed uncertainty about whether she would honeymoon with Ma Guoming after their wedding. All in all, the decision is left to the itinerary of her partner.

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