Lyricist Kim Ea Na reveals IVE’s Wonyoung exercises 5 times a week

IVE’s Wonyoung exercises are revealed to be held 5 times a week, as stated by lyricist Kim Ea Na.

“When ENFJ and INFFJ meet, there is no room for empty audio,” the new video from ‘uhmg studio’ on November 2 KST features Kim Ea Na as Jaejoong’s friend and shared a warm conversation. She revealed that she had fallen in love with Wonyoung at IVE and had watched her fancams before this.

According to Kim Ea Na, she and Wonyoung share a gym environment, but they have never encountered each other in person. She shared that her daily workout routine involves waking up early and exercising only, which surprised many people.

Observe the latest episode by scrolling down!

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