Just divorced and pursued by the 95 generation! Zhang Ziyi appeared at the event, with a smile in front of her and a cold face behind her!

The opening event of a specific brand in Shanghai on October 27th saw the presence of many celebrities, but Zhang Ziyi, the actress who had recently divorced, was the most captivating. Her public appearance on this day has caught the eye of people everywhere, with questions about her state, emotions, and appearance from those around her.

The day’s festivities featured the presence of celebrities such as Wang Junkai, Chen Feiyu, Wang Ziwen, Jiang Shuying, and Zhang Yifan, all of whom exemplified their individual temperament. Wang Jinq, who was born in 1995, appears to be dressed in a gray suit with an extraordinary temperament, while Chen Feng Shui is another handsome gentleman with elouching his style completely off.

The outfit worn by Zhang Ziyi was a simple white shirt and black skirt, complete with oversized black checkered bag (left). While the body accessories on her face are not particularly elaborate, it does give the impression of sophistication. This ensemble elevates her look and gives her an elegant appearance.

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