G-Dragon purported to have begun taking legal action against YouTubers who spread false information

G-Dragon was arrested by Incheon Police on suspicion of drug use, and charged with breaking drug control laws earlier last week.

Following the announcement of his booking, a number of YouTubers posted videos that criticized G-Dragon’s past actions and accused him of using drugs due to his unpredictable behavior captured on camera. Netizens also claimed that G–Drawson had side effects from drug use, noting his slurred speech and irregular movements. Although GDROGN denied all allegations, many people continued to spread unconfirmed information about his drug case.

On November 2, a YouTuber disclosed that he had been sent sworn letter by G-Dragon’s attorney, informing him that the band would sue for spreading false information.

The YouTuber’s most recent video revealed that the attorney representing G-Dragon has sent multiple emails to him, stating that he is not a drug user and will be present for questioning. He also mentioned that his lawyer is unknown, nor did X amount have been paid. However, in his latest video, another email was received by him saying they would take action if someone continued to make false statements.

G-Dragon’s lawyer sent me an email after I uploaded a video and asked him to take action.

The public’s interest in a K-pop artist is fueled by their music, as stated by the YouTuber. Although G-Dragon maintains that he did not do drugs, the police have strong evidence to support their claim that lying is unacceptable.

Following his admission of receiving an email from G-Dragon’s legal team, a lot of internet users suspect that other YouTubers must have received the same email.

Netizens speculate that YouTuber PPKKa received the same email as the other person, who posted a video discrediting G-Dragon and then uploaded another video defending the band member.

G-Dragon has been accused of drug use in an unfounded attack, as stated by PPKKa in the latest video.

In addition to this, several articles have been removed from news sites like Naver News, and it is widely believed that G-Dragon has started taking legal action.

According to Netizens, YouTubers are still engaging and causing havoc even after ruining streamers’ lives.

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