Circle Chart releases chart rankings for October 22 to October 28

The Circle Chart, formerly known as Gaon, is the South Korean version of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States. The chart’s rankings will be available from October 22 to October 28.

“The God Of Music” by Seventeen has a score of 25,020,473.

“AKMU’s “Love Lee” has accumulated 17,508,099 points.

“Baddie” from IVE has achieved 15,446,563 Points.

The score of “Fry’s Dream” from AKMU is 15,185,851 Points.

“You & Me” by Jennie has resulted in 15,104,990 Points.

“Either Way” has garnered 14,735,045 Points in a single game.

“Smoke” by Dynamic Duo has a score of 13,092,093 in round 1.

“ETA” has accumulated 12,105,271 points on the website.

The album “Seven (Clean Ver.)” feat. Jungkook ft. Latto has 11,946,554 points.

“Do or Die” by Lim Young Woong has a score of 11,892,798.

The Circle Chart’s ranking of physical albums in the country is quite impressive.

Seventeen’s ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN’ has 4,689,565 albums to its credit.

Seventeen’s ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN (Weverse)’ album has a total of 419,767 albums.

Seventeen’s ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN (KiT)’ album has sold 232,624 copies.

The album “Layover (Weverse)” by V has a total of 139,980 albums and the song “Can We Surrender?” is part of the EPEX list with 42,072 songs.

Billie’s “side-B: Memoirs of Echo Unseen (POCA)” has a total album count of 35,095.

The albums of TXT, ‘The Name Chapter: FREEFALL’ and – NCT 127 boast total album counts of 28,423 and 17,709, respectively.

Can you provide a list of the top 10 Karaoke songs?

The track “Let’s Say Goodbye” by Parc Jae Jung.

“Fry’s Dream” by AKMU is available at the box office.

“Heart” is the term used by DK to describe their emotional state.

The song “Fall In Fall” by Vibe?

The song “Let’s Stay Well” by Roy Kim.

Kim Feel’s “If I Live Again” is the next song in the series.

According to the Circle Chart, Woody’s “Flower in the Desert” and “I Love You” are the two tunes that have been arranged.

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