Chen Muchi appeared at the airport and was surrounded by photos. When a fan fell, he quickly helped him up, while the elderly and elderly people calmly watched

Due to a series of negative consequences caused by his relationship with artist Chen Bing, Chen Muchi, the “proton” in the film “Fengshen” has gone viral and lost much of his image.

Chen Muchi has been very quiet and hardly ever seen in public during this time. He arrived back at the airport on the 2nd November after the storm and was not found out until too many fans came to pick him up, which made the situation all the more exciting.

As per the pictures that were returned by the media, the fans appear to be quite enthusiastic. Chen Muchi quickly entered the hall, holding his phone and taking pictures of himself.

Chen Muchi slowly moved forward while his fans were under siege, and he did not respond to any inquiries from them.

On the same day, Chen Muchi was featured in a black series, dressed in his fisherman’s hat and masked costume of the identical color. He was fully equipped and wrapped around himself, making his travels very low-key.

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