[C/W] K-netizens question whether Taemin’s latest mini-album went too far with the sexualized imagery

Warning: [C/W – Content not allowed on this site]

The level of sexualization in Taemin’s latest mini-album is causing concern among Korean netizens.

Since his early infancy, Taemin has become an incredibly talented musician and artist, constantly pushing the boundaries of genres to express himself. He has gained worldwide recognition and inspired many other artists who have followed him, as well as a significant following that values their work above all else.

According to a fan, the box exposed spooky boys through poop who were lying on hôtel beds. Another user commented: “Looking at this box, they look like they’re crazy. Look in that bag and you’ll see some suspect photos before making pies out of it… I don’t think I bought something legal.”

Someone else highlighted a collection of potentially provocative visuals that caused controversy, including discarded pants and underwear on the floor, ice-sneaking Taemin with his middle finger suggestively, and the stylized font used to spell out “Guilty.” These elements combined to create ambiguity and raised eyebrows.

Some fans praised the photos’ beauty, but many others were concerned that they may have conveyed a sexual message.

Netizens on TheQoo expressed their mixed feelings, with some stating that they do not find these designs sexy and have a Japanese Gravure-like appearance.

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