Bang Si Hyuk reveals the origin of the names ‘Hitman Bang’ and ‘Big Hit’ + how he first met J.Y. Park on the latest episode of ‘You Quiz on the Block’

The origins of ‘Hitman Bang’ and -also known as a spin-off for Sony Pictures, with the release of the names by J.Y. Park and Bang Si Hyuk are now well established.

On November 1, ‘You Quiz on the Block’ featured industry veterans J.Y. Park and Bang Si Hyuk, who shared their story of friendship for over a decade and their long-standing partnership in the music business.

Before launching his own company, Bang Si Hyuk was employed as a producer at J.Y. Park’s company and decided to become independent after feeling confident about my abilities due to the nickname “Hitman.” He explained that he took the name “Big Hit Entertainment” from Jinyoung Hyung instead, who gave it its official title of ‘hit it big’.

Yoo Jae Suk remarked that it was unclear how the name “Big Hit” was chosen, but your nickname is actually Hitman.

According to J.Y, Park, they were forced to introduce themselves while distributing CDs in the U.S. Si Hyuk goes by the name “Bang” which didn’t seem very appealing. Bang Si Hong-ying commented, “I was mocked for saying that ‘bang’ was used only for sound recording, so you suggested we use that.”

J.Y. Park went on to say that the title of ‘Hitman’ was likened to that of an axe shooter, and due to Si Hyuk’s lack of understanding, Park decided to take it as his own. He responded by saying “Hey, you are Hitman” and then accepting the request with a firm nod.

The two K-pop icons also recounted their encounter.

“According to Bang Si Hyuk, Jinyoung Hyung’s manager was in search of a new producer for his demo tape. Someone contacted him and identified him as Park Jin Young, but I only remember him because of his plastic pants.”

Continuing his ignorance of Korean music, he mentioned that Park Jin Young had briefly left the industry as a singer and was now seeking assistance with technical and sound matters related to returning to Korea.

Bang Si Hyuk’s confession, “I was a child like me and didn’t have any knowledge,” made him wonder about the consequences.

Upon meeting Bang Si Hyuk, J.Y. Park explained his initial reaction to the stranger’s lack of facial expressions, stating that their shyness was due to feelings of love.

The fact that he has a talent for making poor first impressions was acknowledged by Bang Si Hyuk.

J.Y. Park defended Bang Si Hyuk by saying that his actions were not the same because of his success, which made everyone laugh out loud.

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