Weishen V returns today with two regular albums, and the new album songs will be released at 5pm

The second season of Weishen V, entitled On My Youth, will premiere with all its audio sources on major music platforms worldwide at 5pm this afternoon (Beijing time). The main trackMV will be synchronized and released through the official account on Weibo.

The primary track is a fast-paced song that blends classical endings with distinct melodic strings and various musical elements, including hip-hop drums. The lyrics convey the regret of not falling in love during the period of ignorance, as well as the profound emotions that come with reflecting such an experience. They introduce new challenges and changes in the colors that Weishen V has always brought to life, and are expected to receive overwhelmingly positive responses from fans.

This album boasts a dance song called “Poppin’ Love,” which tells an epic love story with contrasting themes; A popular dance track that reminds listeners that they will never give up even in difficult times; and A medium-tempo pop song about the joy of being with loved ones, as well as hip hop songs like “INVINCIBLE” that showcase the narrative and self-assurance of Weishen V.

Furthermore, the album features a personalized rap performance by WINWINwin (Dong Sicheng), HENDERY (Huang Guanheng), and YANGYAN (Liu Yangyang) to recount the exciting adventures of adventurers; the lyrics are ambitious and leave lingering impressions on listeners as the future protagonists. The song is set in Moonlight, and its renditions showcase the delicate singing of KUN (Qian Kun), TUNEX (TEN), AND XIAOJUN(12).

Also, the physical album of “On My Youth” by Weishen V will be released on November 8th.

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