Wang Feng has just divorced, and there is a candidate for the fifth term! The female partner is both a celebrity of the fourth marriage, and netizens commented that it is really suitable

In the entertainment industry, every romantic relationship has become a staged play, with each episode featuring its own drama. The recent divorce between Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi has caused some contentious disputes in the industry. Furthermore, Wang Fan’s marriage history is as long-lived as that of Han Anran, who have both been married to members of “Eight Leaving Aristocratic Families”.

Throughout history, the relationship in the entertainment industry has been a contentious topic. Some people believe that love in this industry is simply about swapping vows, using each other, and eventually breaking up after using up their relationships. However, recent events such as Wang Feng’s divorce reveal that the marriage between him and Zhang Ziyi can pose significant challenges for those in traditional marriages.

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