Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi’s Divorce Insider Revealed, Male Lyrics Intriguing, One Lyrics Reveals the Truth

The marriage of Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi, who announced their divorce earlier this year, has become a topic of interest. Both parties’ statements are almost identical, with no specific reasons, and centering on child rearing. This move clearly creates ambiguity among people and has led to endless speculation about the real reason for its existence.

Wang Feng was rumored to have had intimate encounters with other women, but after Zhang Ziyi discovered it, he couldn’t accept it and decided to part ways. However, this claim was quickly disclaimed by insiders who claimed that it was not connected to the man.

Following that, there were rumors on the internet that the man had fun playing poker and lost a significant amount of money. However, given that they have been married for eight years and the woman has been present multiple times, this is unlikely to be true.

Careful netizens have found some clues in the song “Escape” by Wang Feng. The song is full of a feeling of being powerless towards life, with the lyrics detailing the woman’s habit of checking her phone late at night and feeling that lipstick is more important than herself.

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