TREASURE’s Hyunsuk faces criticism as fans voice concerns over perceived change in his attitude

The impact of K-pop is largely influenced by the mutual support and collaboration between artists and their fan base.

Recently, Hyunsuk from TREASURE has been the center of attention, shifting his focus from his signature style and captivating acting to a perceived change in his demeanor that has left him disenchanted and disturbed by many of his fans. This has led to an outpouring of support for the idol as people come together to voice their grievances and complain about the stylistic changes that have occurred since HyUNSUK first entered the music scene.

Fans commented that the situation was hilarious. He couldn’t handle the comments of some crazy haters and complained to his fans every time he went live. This continued for a few weeks before finally returning to Weverse where slick lip piercing made him fiercely interact with everyone else.

“Where can you find idols who start in separate rooms without any debt, receive instant settlements and invest one billion won (750,000 USD)?” A fan tweeted, “They’re in their third year and it’s been a rough ride for them. They’ve gone shopping every day, spending money on everything.” Yesterday, fans expressed sadness and suggested holding upcoming fan support events.

On November 1, Hyunsuk uploaded a post that featured lyrics from Misogi’s “Gossip” song.

The fans suspected that this was not a legitimate song suggestion, but Hyunsuk was making remark about the complaints expressed by fans.

A fan’s response was, “Hyunsuk, it’ll be disappointing if you didn’t recommend songs like this to the Treasure Makers (TREASURE) fandom.”

Other fans joined the online community and expressed their disappointment with Hyunsuk’s attitude towards his fans, stating that it was not just the piercing but also their desire for a more relaxed style.

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