Season 3: Hot Comic Story Continuation

According to foreign media reports, filming for the third season of “Heartbeat Leakage,” a Netflix series featuring young campus drama, started on October 31st in Beijing time, and the second season was released on August 3rd this year.

Alice Oseman’s well-known online post about two boys at an all-male grammar school, Nick and Charlie, portrayed in the story.

Eurus Lynn directs a film featuring Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Gao Xin, Yasmin Finney, Colina Brown, Keith Egger, Toby Donovan, and more.

Seesaw Film purchased the rights to ‘Heartbeat Leakage’ in 2019, and Netflix followed suit in 2021 with distribution rights. The first season was highly praised for its style, rhythm, and portrayal of the LGBT community, which is one of few mainstream film and television programs that incorporates these groups in the theme. It quickly became oneof the top ten list of popular English language films on Netflix, appearing in just two days, as well as being ranked highest on charts in countries such as the UK, Czech Republic, Finland,and even taking almost four times the same day without using the best

(Meng Qing)

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