Season 2 of ‘Night Visit to Vampires’ releases clips to start European life

The second season of “Night Visit Vampires” premiered on October 31st, Beijing time, with foreign media reports revealing the new lives of two American vampires in Paris.

The new season’s plot will be centered on Europe, featuring vampires Louis and Claudia who “kill” Leicester and travel from the United States to Paris, France, in a total of 8 episodes. Delaney Hayles took over the role from Belle Bass in the first season.

Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” series of novels is the inspiration for the first season, which premiered on October 2nd last year with excellent ratings and reputation. The story centers on a Gothic love story between Lester and Louis, featuring Kate Winslet and Kate Middlebury. Season one starts in New Orleans in 1910 and ends soon after when the second season begins.

Sam Reed (Lost 1971) plays the vampire Leicester, while Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones) portrays Louis and Claudia Bass (Law and Order in the Avatar series), and Rashid is played by Assad Zaman (Axe).

The “Vampire Chronicles” novel series, written by Anne Rice and titled “Night Visiting VampIRES,” was officially licensed to AMC in May, with Rowling Jones serving as the screenwriter and operator. Mark Johnson oversaw the development of the entire project.

“Night Visit to Vampires,” a film release from 1994 featuring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst, was directed by Neil Jordan and depicted the love or hate relationship of vampires like Leicester.

(Meng Qing)

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