Saberin and his wife attended their nephew’s wedding. They sat on the high-speed rail and looked tired, while Li Bai was reading gracefully in the car

I bet you don’t know Saberin is going to Taiyuan so he can host her nephew wedding?

The most recent news about Sabenin was revealed on October 30th, and his nephew aired a video of him in jubilation hosting his wedding, which drew many viewers to the internet.

Wearing a black jacket and red sweater was Saberin’s attire, which I imagine she must have carefully considered. The wedding scene with his nephew blended well, but he did not dominate.

As soon as she got to the door, Saberin, who was a pleasant person in his own skin, asked all the guests questions and then commented that there was an air of grandeur on site, almost like attending the Spring Festival Gala. He came closer than Saber and started joking about his nephew’s weight, saying that he had “a lot of aura.”

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