Sa Beining waited for Zhang Ziyi for ten years? After the official announcement of divorce, netizens rushed into the comment section and divine reviews emerged

Despite providing specific reasons for their divorce, Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi are still divorcing, but according to paparazzi accounts, they appear more playful and clueless.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry who have families are not well-liked by the outside world and have been subject to gossip about them being “divorced”. If there are conflicts between family members, they will eventually separate.

Following Zhang Ziyi’s divorce, Saberin’S comment section was flooded with thousands of divine reviews! It is known that she was the last significant other before Zhang Zhiwoo and Wang Feng got married! They spent little time together, but it was still so sweet!

The Three Views’ cultural literacy is a unique attribute that none of the celebrities in the entertainment industry, including Saberin, possess.

Saberin has been active on Weibo for ten years, and his last time posting serious content was in 2013, the year of his separation from Zhang Ziyi.

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