Reverse? Beckham’s lover couldn’t bear it anymore and burst into surprise: he teased me and pretended to be a white lotus, and Victoria was also an accomplice!

The Xiaobei and Zhuang couple’s “infidelity scandal” was the subject of the Netflix documentary “Beckham,” which was released in early October and became a global sensation. In addition, Beckham moved to Real Madrid in 2003 and arrived in Spain where he engaged in an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos from Hong Kong.

The prevailing reporting style during that period was straightforward, with Rebecca unveiling the unclear text messages between Beckham and her to the world and detailing the process of their intimacy with the media. Although not identified as such in the documentary, Victoria believed that they had to face significant challenges to overcome the backlash from the scandal two decades ago.

Beckham stated in the documentary that managing certain issues can be challenging, and this is the first time she and Victoria have faced such pressure in their marriage.

Victoria is my top priority, and I am uncertain how we managed to overcome the challenges.

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