Release Trailer: Vintage Painting Style Bloody and Interesting

Foreign media reports have revealed that the lead trailer for “Venom Revenge,” which is a fun and bloody remake with homage to its retro painting style, was released on October 31st, Beijing time. The film’s director and screenwriter, Peter Dinlaki, Jacob Trenbury, Taylor Peggy, Elia Wood, Kevin Beckon, and Macon Blair (“Little Evil” and “nowhere to be home”), directed the screenplay.

The story follows the journey of a struggling commoner who is thrust into an unhealthy garbage container and transforms into mutated hell on Mars. He must overcome his ostracism to become an unloved hero, and eventually rescue his son, companions, as well as their group from the grip of corrupt and greedy individuals.

Legend Pictures, with production by original directors Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Hertz.

Melvin, the initial account, is portrayed as a mild-mannered figure with skeletal features who works as an employee at upscale fitness centers. He is frequently taunted by patrons and even engages in excessive play. While trying to escape, he fell from the second floor and collapsed into euthanasia. The chemicals inside transformed him into such pliant creatures that resisted being driven away by revenge.

“Venom Revenge” was a triumphant release in 1984, which led to the creation of three sequel films, besides the original Tetris and Leopoldo films.

(Meng Qing)

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