Release Official Trailer Witness Decades of Emotional Controversy

According to foreign media reports, Matt Pomo and Jonathan Bailey have unveiled an official trailer for the limited drama “Travelers” on October 31st, which focuses on the relationship between the two men that has been strained for decades. The show premiered on Showtime this week.

Based on Thomas Mallon’s novel, it is a political thriller and romantic story that takes place in the 1950s. It begins in Washington and moves back to the McCarthy era, evolving between the forces of cleansing, war, and protest, culminating in an AIDS crisis.

Pomo portrays the charismatic political figure Hawkins Fuller, who avoids emotional ties until he encounters a genuine and honest individual named Tim Laughlin (Bailey) from Fordham University. The two eventually bond, spending 40 years in each other’s company and facing various obstacles throughout history and beyond.

Ron Neswannier, along with Pomo and his colleagues, was the operator, screenwriter, and co-produced the show.

(Meng Qing)

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