Post Poster: Benin Foster Joins Hands to Challenge Nature

Annette Benin and Judy Foster, who starred in the sports biographical film “Ned”, were announced by foreign media on October 31st at Beijing time. They also released a poster, directed by Elizabeth Chai Vassarelli and Kim Kwok wai from “Hand Climbing”, which was made available on Netflix on November 3rd.

Diana Ned, portrayed by Benin, Foster portrays Bonnie Stoll, her coach, and John Bartlett, the captain of a catamaran. The movie is based on Nedon’s best-selling autobiography “Find A Way.” Nedin, who was considered the world’skapital champion in the 1970s and set several records, achieved his lifelong goal of swimming across the finish line at the age of 64 with 35 passionate fans.

This hazardous sea area is home to the world’s most formidable sharks, toxic jellyfish, unpredictable ocean currents and eddies.Many people have tried it since the 1950s but none have managed to survive until Ned succeeded after five swims.

(Meng Qing)

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