New stills are released, and the road ahead is uncertain

Foreign media reports have revealed that the prequel film “Hunger Game: Songs of Songbirds and Snakes” has been released on October 31st, Beijing time, and will be released in North America on November 17th.

Francis Lawrence returns to direct, while Tom Bryce stars as Snow’s young version, Rachel Zegler plays Lucy, Viola Davis portrays the chief producer of the 10th Hunger Games, Dr. Volumnia Gaul, Josh Andres Rivera plays Sejanus Plinth, and Hunter Schafer plays Tigris Snow’s cousin and confidant, providing him with advice on moral and other aspects.

The script’s latest version was penned by Michael Leslie (), with the assistance of Michael Arnt ().

Corionas Snow, the charming and attractive 18-year-old, became the mentor of the 10th Hunger Game after being chosen from the family’s declining fortunes. The story is based on the new book by Susan Collins, which was released several years before Snow became an oppressive leader of his clan.

Snow accompanied Lucy Gray Baird, a girl from the impoverished 12th district, who sang provocatively during the harvest ceremony. Snow believed that they could turn things around and the two put their guts into play by running against time in the survival battle, ultimately revealing who was the songbird and who wasn’t.

The Hunger Game, a science fiction anti utopian adventure film series, is produced by Liongate and based on Susan Collins’ novel. Nina Jacobson is the producer of the film, while Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcheson, and Liam Hemsworth star as the main characters. Gary Ross directed the first film in the Hunger Games, followed by Francis Lawrence for the other two.

On March 23, 2012, Hunger Game made history by winning the box office with its release on that day, grossing 67.3 million and non-Sparking Game movie opening weekend in November 2013.

The plot revolves around a fictional North American dystopian nation known as the “Benevolent State”, where President Snow governs 12 administrative regions. To maintain repression and subjugation of the people, Shi Huiguo has adapted – to punish the past uprisings in the 13th district and suppress social rebellions, while also to dismantle the region. Each administrative district must furnish two “tribute” – one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 who must be chosen by drawing lots to participate in an annual ceremony for participating in activities such

On “Lottery Day”, a 16 year old girl named Kenneth Everdin from the 12th district joined the 74th Hunger Game. She risked her life to help replace her 12-year-old sister Cherry Blossom Grass, who was initially placed on the back of her bed. They were given two pieces of bread by their male rival Peter Mellach, whom they then took to the Capitol with their guardians.

At the beginning of the competition, Keith attempted to compete for supplies from the center of Abundant Cape, which was filled with useful supplies. She obtained a backpack and used the equipment inside to avoid being killed in such confined space, while almost half of those competitors died in the initial melee. Kenneth tried to stay as far away from other opponents, but Hinika Crane directly instructed his subordinates to control and trigger sudden disasters on the arena, forcing her to face enemies from both sides.

A black girl named Yun from the 11th arrondissement was hiding in a tree where Kenneth had just climbed down. She reminded him to remove the toxic tracking and killing beehive on its branches, stung its flickering and forced others to leave the tree.

With her connections in the capital, Hermione urged President Snow to alter the competition rules to allow for two winners within the same region. This was done so that both winners could enjoy the Hunger Games without worrying about larger-scale conflicts. Instead, she said it was more likely they could survive together instead of being trapped in another world. Later on, a rare change in this regulation was announced: the winner must come from the east coast; those who entered the contest should only be from New York or Oregon.

The alliance was reduced to only Kato’s remnants due to the killing of its members. Kenneth and Peter discovered that the fox face in Zone 5 died accidentally from eating poisonous berries. Due to competition’S high level, Hinika Cran and his subordinates launched several mutant wolves on the field to attack the contestants, and they were killed as well. In the end, only three contestant(s) survived. Kenn and her companion Kenne

Eventually, after Kenneth had convinced Peter to kill himself with poisonous berries, discontent in the donor country was raised among people who accused the Hunger Games of dehumanization and capital punishment. Hinika Crane changed her mind as they both committed suicide together, which would have damaged the game’s reputation and no one would emerge victorious. As foreshadowing the outcome, two teams were announced by the radio and declared themselves winners of the competition.

Kenneth and Peter were welcomed back to the 12th district with a warm welcome from the people, just as they had returned triumphantly before them. President Snow was dissatisfied with their success and began to contemplate what would happen next. The influential members of the congressional region also launched new efforts to protect their rights.

(Meng Qing)

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