LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha receives well-deserved praise for the remarkable progress of her Korean Language skills

With her stunning looks and commanding stage presence, Kazuha from LE SSERAFIM has been gaining immense popularity among fans.

Kazuha has recently been commended by K-netizens for her progress in learning and using Korean since she was introduced.

Kazuha, the Japanese performer, faced challenges during her enrollment in LE SSERAFIM due to a language barrier. Additionally, she had limited training time, which added to her difficulty in mastering the language before the group’s official debut.

She has frequently shared with her fans her journey to fluency in Korean, attempting to communicate with fans in the language, which has given her tangible, real-world ways to enhance her proficiency.

The technique used by Kazuha to remember practical Korean.

Organize — Say, “I have every day to do!”

“I frequently incorporate salads and yogurt into my meals,” according to the statement.

The reason I worry is that life is challenging.

Translation of Kazuha’s interview:

Which feature of your personality do you find most appealing?

I may not realize it, but within me there are ambitions beyond what is apparent. To some extent, the term “ambition” has a positive connotation, as it allows me to contemplate my desires and goals without being trapped in reality.

Approximately eight months have passed since the debut of LE SSERAFIM, and K-netizens have observed a marked improvement in Kazuha’s ability to speak Korean.

According to K-netizens, “She’s amazing and inspiring.”

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