K-netizens say Jam Republic should have won on ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’

The highly anticipated finale of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Season 2, which concluded on October 31, brought an end to another season of the thrilling dance competition. The final episode, broadcast on Mnet, revealed the victorious dance team that had earned the title of best dance crew in the world.

This season, eight remarkable teams took to the stage, each bringing their own unique and captivating styles of play. The teams that participated in this event were BEBE, 1MILLION, Deep N Dap, Jam Republic, LadyBounce, Mannequeen, Tsubakill, and Wolf’Lo, all of whom left an indelible mark on the TV screen.

The dance crew of BEBE emerged victorious in this season, winning the prize and diamond rings worth 50 million KRW (37,071 USD).

The dance crew was commended for their victory by many, but some locals believed that another team had the right to claim the prize. Many are now stating that Jam Republic, who came in second place, was the most deserving team.

The K-netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with BEBE, stating that they believed Jam Republic would win.

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