Horror filmRelease trailer James Wan co produced

James Wan and Jason Bloom, co-producers of the supernatural horror thriller “Dark Swimming”, released an official preview on October 31, according to foreign media reports. It was scary at night. “Swimming is not allowed after dark”

The 2014 short film of the same name, starring Wyatt Russell, Kerry Compton, Emily Hoffel, and Gavin Warren, is directed by Bryce McGuire and co-written by Rod Blackhurst. It will be released in North America on January 5th next year.

The story follows Ray, a former Major League Baseball player who was forced to retire early due to autoimmune diseases. He relocated to another place with his wife Eve, teenage daughter Eve and young son Elliott. With hope that he can finally return to playing Major league Baseball in the United States, Ray convinces Eve that the swimming pool in their new backyard will bring happiness to their children and allow him to undergo physical therapy. However, the dark and mysterious history of this house is about to cause an unstoppable tension that forces them into an inevitable twist: the family members into which one of these tragic episode?

(Meng Qing)

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