Horror film “Sister 2” releases clips to recreate bizarre homicides

The horror movie “Sister 2” was announced to be released on a video platform on October 31st, Beijing time, eight minutes before the main film was revealed.

In France, a priest was mercilessly killed in 1956, and evil was on the rise. Sister Irene will confront Sister Ghost once more.

Accra Cooper has re-entered the cast of Sister Bonnie Arens, Tessa Famiga, and Jonas Blocke from the previous film, along with Storm Reed directed by Michael Chavez ().

In 1952, while a young nun committed suicide in secluded Carata monastery in Romania, the Vatican sent two priests-turned-volunteers with traumatic experiences to investigate the mystery death. The priest was attacked and lured by Varak, who then tried to deceive the community into believing evil.

The priest, nun, and French Canadian led Maria to the site where they had collected holy blood. During the struggle, Varak captured the nun holding the holy ball that contained blood and handed it to him. The nun then sprayed Jesus’ holy Blood onto Varaki, who was then sealed off. However, during the altercation, Václav Garen joined forces with Varaker to allow him to travel around the globe.

Ed and Rowling initiated all of their drama by explaining the situation of Xiao Fa being possessed during a demonology lecture twenty years later.

(Meng Qing)

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