Heartbreaking Video captures devoted dog’s attempt to follow owner after being abandoned on Jeju Island

A video has gone viral on social media showing a dog being left alone on secluded roads in Jeju Island, followed by its owner’s abandoned vehicle, leading to widespread criticism. The owner also received negative feedback from local residents who were outraged and saddened by the situation.

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As seen in the video, the dog fights tenaciously to keep up with the speeding vehicle as even the slightest delay could lead to an eternity spent away from his own owner. The netizen who posted the footage said: “I didn’t stop chasing them, right?”

The video elicited a strong response from Netizens, who expressed their outrage towards the heartless owner and compassion for the dog that had been left uncared for. The incident has given rise to discussions on pet ownership obligations and animal rights.

Netizens expressed their dismay, stating that the dog was once a family member and could not be trusted.

Given this context, South Korean law imposes penalties for abandoning animals, as stated by the Animal Protection Act. Any act of abandonment can result in a fine of up to 3 million KRW (approximately 2,222 USD). If the animal is considered dangerous, the penalty can be commuted to two years in jail or even upto 20 million km (2,714 USD), depending on the severity of the problem.

However, it should be pointed out that these penalties are generally not enforced unless witnesses come forward and report the incident, emphasizing the need for more stringent regulation and accountability from the public.

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