Action film “Beekeeper” releases trailer Jason Stanson Revenge

Foreign media reports have revealed that the action thriller “Beekeeper,” starring Jason Stanson and directed by David Aye, has a preview in theaters on October 31st and is expected to be released in North America on January 12th next year. Stansons once again took on the role of revenge, confronting the system, and filling up the hot action scenes.

Starring Jeremy Irons, Josh Hutcheson, Amy Ravel Lampman (), Bobby Nadley () and others, the film was directed by Kurt Wimmer.

A man’s story in the film is centered around the legend of beekeeping, as it follows his quest for revenge after being revealed to the public. He was once part of a powerful clan known as Beekeepers, and will now take on national risks.

“Levin’s Deal,” a new film, will be co-written by Sylvester Stallone and produced by Jason Stanson through their own company. It is expected to begin shooting in London in March of next year.

Chuck Dixon’s novella features Levin Cade, a legendary protagonist in the black action world who abandons his career as he works in construction and strives to be exemplary father to his daughter. When his teenage daughter Jenny vanishes, it causes him trouble to come back to work at an old business. During the tracking process, Levind became involved in thwarted criminal plots that endangered his new life.

(Meng Qing)

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