Zhang Ziyi’s Divorce Brings Out the Four Dan Double Ice Ancient Early Dog Blood Incident

With Zhang Ziyi’s divorce, it is now time for everyone to begin the recent archaeology of her past history. From her rich emotions to her career advancement, as well as her relationships with renowned domestic directors, she is truly a grand flower who has fought for many years. The drama centers around Zhang ziyu and her six female celebrities, known as the Four Dans and Two Ices, who persistently tear each other apart, leading to their animosity towards one another, while simultaneously creating riotous scenes in the show.

During the movie’s release, the duo promoted it together and attended an interview called “Lu Yu You You.” The episode of this program was the most memorable one in Shura Arena, where Lu Yu defeated everyone and they mocked each other by suggesting that cold arrows were everywhere.

According to Zhang Ziyi, Fan abducted another person’s boyfriend in the movie. She had never done this before and required a glamorous celebrity status; she opted to play her character.

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