Zhang Ziyi appeared for the first time after the official announced her divorce, wearing a white shirt with Fried Dough Twists braids, elegant and intellectual, beautiful!

The stunning actress Zhang Ziyi made her first public appearance on October 27th, following the announcement of her divorce from Wang Feng. This time, she appeared in public for the first time since their split was widely known, and it was likely that this event would be remembered because of the media’s coverage of both artists’ marriages.

Zhang Ziyi’s style on that day was characterized by intelligence and elegance, with a simple white shirt, black long skirt, and the added charm of strands of Fried Dough Twists braid on her head.

Zhang Ziyi’s smile shone through the proceedings, seemingly unperturbed by the recent divorce news. A compilation of undisclosed photographs demonstrates that her condition is excellent, her face is glowing, and her smile appears to have endless stories and warmth, which makes people feel so moved.

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