Three years after his divorce, he lived after his first public divorce, drinking five days a week and seeing his daughter every Sunday

Following his divorce from Cho Lun hee, South Korean actor Lee Dongjian has publicly shared his daily life. On October 30th, the South Korea Post reported that Lee joined as a new member and appeared on the SBS variety show “My Bear Child” on September 29th. His mother Xu Yingnan also made an appearance on stage.

In 2017, Li Dongjian and Zhao Lunxi exchanged vows and welcomed Luo Ya into the world. However, he later decided to divorce in 2020. This led to his “single life” being revealed in South Korean television series “My Bear Child.”

When Li Dongjian’s mother greeted the show, she responded with surprise by saying that Li didn’t look anything like her son.

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