This is how Korean netizens are reacting to Cube Entertainment dispelling drug use rumors involving (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

Soyeon’s rumored drug use is being discussed by Netizens in (G)I-DLE.

Cube Entertainment dismissed rumors about their artist Soyeon on October 26th and declared that they will take strict legal action against posts that spread false information. Following the announcement, Korean netizens shared their thoughts in the comments section, including: “It’s clear that she’d be because of her appearance, not because I looked at her or thought to have encountered GD and Yoo Ah In.”

“Despite the fact that only a few individuals are fabricating lies, there will be those who believe there is something happening.”

Our unnie would be hooked on that addictive corn on the cob.”

“A member of the girl group’s idol must be involved.”

“Despite being young, Sophie is committed to her profession and takes pride in it. She would never take this approach.”

“The original post was reported to be a complete fabrication, yet why do people continue to talk about it?”

“Our captain is incapable of consuming vegetables”

Kim Chae Won and Park Sun Joo, both artists from LE SSERAFIM, were also accused of drug use, but both allegations have been refuted.

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