The real reason for Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi’s divorce is not gambling. The truth has been revealed and claimed to be related to the woman!

The sudden announcement of their divorce caught Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi off guard. Their divorce statement clearly indicates that the divorce was not caused by betrayal or betrachterung. Despite divorcing, they still have children to raise and nurture them together.

What was the actual cause of their divorce? Some paparazzi pointed out that the reason for their separation was gambling, and Wang Feng himself does love gambling. He is frequently seen in casinos in Macau.

The person who appeared in Macau, Wang Feng (the ex-guy), was treated like a high-ranking official, and the then governor of Macapanese, Xi Mi Hua, made an appearance to greet him, showing his great regard for him. He must be accustomed to visiting Mac augurily.

According to Liu Dahui, a famous paparazzi member, Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi’s divorce was not caused by the man, but rather due to his mistress.

There have been many speculations among the netizens regarding Zhang Ziyi’s gambling obsession, leading to her divorce.

Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi are a very special couple. Although Wang has been married four times, her past love life is also very exciting. Her ex-boyfriend, who is an international businessman and formerly wealthy, has accumulated countless love experiences.

The two of them were initially met with apprehension by many netizens, but their separation now validates the viewpoint of all.

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