The different ways top stars are handling drug accusations: Lee Sun Gyun stays silent while G-Dragon denies all charges

Lee Sun Gyun was questioned by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Station’s Drug Crime Investigation Team for approximately ten minutes before returning home on October 28th.

The police conducted a preliminary drug test on Lee Sun Gyun that day, and although the results were negative, they plan to request samples of his hair and urine from the National Forensic Service for further analysis.

Lee Sun Gyun, who had earlier pledged to cooperate with the investigation upon his arrival at the police station, reportedly refused to comment on the drug charges.

As Lee Sun-Gyun faced reporters before departing, she stated, “I’ve surrendered my cell phone and followed all the necessary procedures for the upcoming official investigation. I have been informed of another inquiry, and I promise to respond truthfully when that happens. Thank you for your patience.”

Despite the controversy surrounding drug accusations, G-Dragon has maintained his innocence and is fully committed to cooperating with the investigation. He also stated that he had not taken any drugs during the recent media attention on violations of the Narcotics Control Act.

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