G-Dragon found out that he was going to be booked by the police through the media, as the police never contacted him

The well-known K-Pop group Big Bang’s G-Dragon has been thrust into the spotlight due to allegations of drug-related misconduct.

According to journalist and YouTuber Jin-ho Lee, G-Dragon became aware of these drug allegations through media reports, just like the rest of the public. This has caused considerable anger for the artist, who has had no prior communication with the police. “I have never been contacted by the authorities,” G’Daron stated.

A police official stated that they are mulling over the possibility of calling G-Dragon following a thorough investigation. They also confirmed that no one associated with this case has been officially charged at this time.

Despite the sudden and troubling allegations, G-Dragon has publicly stated his eagerness to collaborate with the investigative authorities. He is still looking forward to their efforts in this matter.

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