Beckham’s beloved wife shares a group photo of their children, and Xiaoqi shows weight gain. Cruz is revealed to have officially broken up

On October 30th, Victoria Beckham shared a photo on her social media platform with her eldest son Brooklyn, daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz, second son Romeo, girlfriend Mia, third Cruz, and daughter Xiao Qi. The caption read: “On the evening with the children, I miss you, Beckam.” This not only expresses her love for him but also conveys that she feels blessed to be with him; she can feel her joy every time she is with them.

With their six children in the group photo Brooklyn poses with his older brother Romeo (second from left) and Romero’s pet Xiao Qi, while Simon and Co.’s sister-in-law Nicola Peltz holds her uncle Cruz one hand and Romano has girlfriend Mia another, who also enjoyed the moment. The pigeon egg diamond ring was very pretty too.

Brooklyn is clearly standing on a higher step than his two younger brothers in this group photo taken on the stairs, while Romeo’s girlfriend Mia and his sister-in-law Nicola Peltz have also been close and have taken several photos together.

A group photo captures Sister Bei and her three sons holding a red wine glass, while Mrs. Beckham dressed in black with blonde hair on her shoulders and bloated facial hair looking slightly tipsy. According to many online sources, the 18-year-old third son Cruz is most similar to his father Beckam as well as the man who handles the girls’ team at Bei Family. What do you think?

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