Anime fans and locals are heaping praise for Jimin’s ‘Like Crazy’ as the song that helped them get into K-pop

It’s no wonder that Jimin’ ‘Like Crazy’, his first solo lead single, has achieved incredible success and charted with historic records on music charts worldwide since its release. The song was received with great enthusiasm by both fans and non-fans of the Jimines and BTS brand, who appreciated its unique sound, catchy melody, powerful lyrics, and choreography, as well as other features that made it a crowd favorite.

The song consistently receives praises on social media when discussing K-pop songs, and these accolades and appreciation for ‘Like Crazy’ are not restricted to any particular group; it has an international appeal that transcends mere personal interests and demographics.

Recently, a K-pop enthusiast created ‘A View From Anywhere’ thread where fans could post their opinions on various K-12 music releases of the year. The thread featured Jimin’s acclaimed Like Crazy’ and?Set Me Free Pt.2′ which had the highest number of likes, reposts or views within days; they also had over 1.7 million views (the only two songs in the series to have more than 1.3 million hits).

It is not the first time that something like this has arisen. ‘Like Crazy’ is usually the topic of discussion when such discussions are initiated.

Jimin’s ingenuity, talent, and skills have left a lasting impression on K-pop and the music industry.

Some of the comments on the post’s quotes are from non-BTS K-pop fans, anime enthusiasts, nonminority ARMYs, and local residents. Many claimed that this song was the catalyst for their transition into KD, while others acknowledged it as their most popular Spotify track, regardless of whether they are a fan of K pop or not.

The increased popularity of ‘Like Crazy’ on Spotify was due to the attention paid to their daily and monthly streams.

Here are a few of the favorable comments made about ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’.

Jimin’s talent and skills are undeniable, which is why fans are eagerly anticipating his upcoming solo career.

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